About Us


We are a fully functional production house with a dedicated team of staff members to be your guide. We started in the 1980’s in a small garage in New Jersey with big dreams and visions. Today, we have grown into large commercial spaces and fortunate enough to service our clients in locations¬†around the world. We currently offer many different services. However, we are best known for designing, building, and installing displays that are ¬†permanent and/or temporary. We work with both, startup and fortune 500, companies to create products that are built with high quality and to our clients specifications. With over 30 years in the business, we have been able to fine tune our processes and give our clients a great experience.
Our main facility is located in Jackson, NJ. Conveniently accessible from I-95, and 60min from Newark International Airport.

Harvey Hacker

Growing up in Brooklyn, I was very fortunate. I played the trumpet for 12 years, I was in all my school bands and orchestras, and participated in all the school plays. Before going to college I was captain of the Trude Heller Dancers in New York City, when Trudes was the spot to be. Till this day I love music, and I always wished to be under the lights. However, I soon realized that my singing voice wasn’t going to cut it. Despite my lack of vocal chords as some might say, my wish came true years later when Display Designs came into existence.
However, getting under the lights wasn’t an easy road. I served a 5 year apprenticeship in the window apparel trade, and graduated to become a top end Ladies & Mens NYC window trimmer with an apprentice of my own. Because of the work I did, I shortly received calls from various manufactures to display their products at trades shows.

Harvey Hacker

About the Process

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